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Erie is a Community of Choice.
We celebrate our:
  • Diverse cultures,
  • Welcoming, vibrant neighborhoods,
  • World-class downtown and bayfront,
  • Schools of excellence, and
  • Abundance of family-sustaining jobs.
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Entries for July 2018

ECHRC-The Erie County Human Relations Commission consists of two groups, the Commission and Advisory Board.  The Commission works at ensuring equality for all people in housing and the workplace.

Council woman Kathleen Schaaf will appoint someone to the Advisory Board. It consists of a group of eleven members who are non voting and non paid participants. They may be doing research, public relations and educational assignments while under the capacity of the ECHRC. 

Any interested, dedicated person please send an email to KSchaaf@erie.pa.us Please include a short resume of your potential qualities for this volunteer position. Kathleen will be taking emails about this Advisory Appointment until Wednesday August 8, 2018.

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Citizen Response Center

(Call 814-870-1111)
CityGrows - Citizen Response Center

The Citizen Response Center is available to anyone who would like to submit a Complaint, Concern, Compliment, or just has a General Question. An example of each includes:
  • Complaint - My garbage was not picked up.
  • Concern - There is water bubbling up from the street.
  • Compliment - The renovation in Perry Square looks great! Nice job!
  • Question - Where can I obtain a vendor permit?

Pothole Hotline

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Large Item Pickup

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... or call 814-870-1550

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Garbage Delinquencies

Garbage Delinquencies

Please Note: This list is dated December 3rd, 2018.

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Job Openings

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