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Erie is a Community of Choice.
We celebrate our:
  • Diverse cultures,
  • Welcoming, vibrant neighborhoods,
  • World-class downtown and bayfront,
  • Schools of excellence, and
  • Abundance of family-sustaining jobs.
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The Erie County maintenance schedule for the week of August 13th, 2018 is:

Activity Municipalities State Route Common Road Name
Seal Coat Leboeuf Township SR 2005 Sturgis Road
Seal Coat Union Township SR 2007  Shreve Ridge Road
SR 2010 Concord Road
Seal Coat Concord Township SR 2014 Hammond Road
SR 2018 Lovell Road
SR 0089 Route 89
Manual Patching Franklin Township SR 0098 Route 98
Manual Patching Springfield Township SR 0090 I-90
Manual Patching City of Erie SR 4017 Pittsburgh Avenue
Manual Patching Summit Township SR 0090 I-90
Manual Patching Greenfield Township SR 0089 Route 89
Shoulder Cutting Edinboro Borough SR 3006 Rout 6N Road
Shoulder Cutting Washington Township SR 3014 Old State Road
Shoulder Cutting Franklin Township SR 3008 Crane Street
Crack Sealing Waterford Township SR 0197 Waterford Street
Crack Sealing Summit Township SR 0019 Peach Street
Drain Cleaning Venango Township SR 0474 Jamestown Road
Drain Cleaning Conneaut Township SR 3003 Barney Road
Drain Cleaning Platea Borough SR 3031 Peach Street
Drain Cleaning Springfield Township SR 0005 West Lake Road
Bridge Repair McKean Township SR 4011 Grubb Road
SR 4103 Bargain Road
Pipe Replacement Greene Township SR 1001 Lake Pleasant Road

For more information about this maintenance schedule please contact the Erie County Maintenance Office at (814) 871-4411.

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  • Compliment - The renovation in Perry Square looks great! Nice job!
  • Question - Where can I obtain a vendor permit?

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